Financial Literacy

"Financial education can be compared to a road map to the American Dream, I believe that we need to teach All Americans the necessary tools to read that map, so they can reach the Dream."

Former Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O’Neill


Recent surveys demonstrate that financial illiteracy is widespread in the United States.  What's more surprising:  it cuts across age, race, gender, income, and even education demographics. Fundamental concepts such as developing a budget, understanding a credit report, comprehending the principle of compound interest and the effects of inflation are not understood by vast numbers of Americans.

Illiteracy in matters of finance has serious consequences on economic behavior, in particular for our company's mission, participating in and understanding the complexity of retirement plans. Is it any wonder that 26% of eligible employees do not participate in their plan, that over 50% do not diversify appropriately, and 48% simply cash out when leaving their company unaware of the taxes and penalties that promise to take a big bite from hard-earned savings?

Our series of workshops address important concepts of Financial Literacy:

  • Budgeting - What's That?
  • Debt Management - Let's Get Organized
  • How to Read, Monitor, and Improve Your Credit Report
  • Social Security - You're Going To Like This Benefit!
  • Women and Investing: Things Our Mothers Never Taught Us
  • Diversification:  What Do Asset Classes Have To Do With Me?
  • 401k Loans: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Our facilitators are professional educators with backgrounds in the chosen topic. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the subject matter and our ability to use ‘real’ language and an informal approach that connects effectively with every audience. These are interactive, hands-on workshops in which attendees are given information, tools, a step by step process, individualized attention…….and we make it fun!

Workshops may be selected individually or as a series. For pricing and details please contact us at 413 348 0555 or